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Cloud Career Overseas a name to reckon with is a rapidly growing overseas education company, successfully charting plans for students who intend to study overseas, enabling them to achieve their true potential and live their dreams.

Our trained professionals undertake multiple roles providing an end to end guidance to every student walking through our door answering you’re what? Where? How? And questions beyond, beginning with providing a detailed overview of the courses available,                  preparing you for exams that need to be taken for admission/visa purposes and the cost of studying in your chosen country to assisting you with getting your admission and visa (including preparation and verification of visa documents and following up on visa applications with embassies, till the time you are buckled up in your aeroplanes, and to top it all a best in class post-admission       

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We are objective while giving guidance and consultancy with no considerations other than aptitude and interest. Working with visionary governments, we oversees the delivery of programs that strive for education for all – whether that is through establishing gender parity, rebuilding education systems following conflict or reaching the hard to reach 



The team at Cloud Career Overseas is highly experienced and has international exposure in the field of Education. Cloud Career Overseas helps people really believe in their dreams. We provide guidance and advice to many people. This helps each person in realizing their full potential and helping them achieve success.



We are totally up-to-date about the educational trends worldwide and thus we dedicate ourselves completely for this purpose. We act as a bridge by providing Indian students with internships in foreign countries. Cloud Career Overseas, as an educational consultancy is not just for the service of Indian students but also of the NRI students.

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